7 thoughts on “The Best CMS For Your Website”

  • James Stafford
  • James Moore

    Hi James, It is no doubt that WordPress is a very powerful and useful free
    content management system. What I don’t believe is that it would be the
    best fit for running complex intuitive enterprise solutions for
    institutions such as the health industry. That is why I would recommend
    Centralpoint by Oxyon. It my not be free but it is like the old saying
    goes, “you get what you pay for.” With 230 out of the box modules, no cost
    per user fees and support your looking at an all in one solution.

  • adamjg4
  • Colin Willems

    Skipper bull

  • Victor Moturi

    WordPress CMS

  • Rob Kimmell

    I’m not a techie but I manage a website for my employer. I’ve been advised
    by a friend to convert our google CMS site to wordpress. I’m convinced that
    life would probably easier for me at WordPress, but I have to convince my
    employer. Any thoughts on wordpress vs google CMS?

  • Ron Pucillo

    James can you help me set something up?