How To Make Money Blogging. Debby McKinney, Strategist To Boomer Answers the Question | How to Make Money Blogging – . One of the most asked questions of Debby McKinney, Strategist to Boomers who have an online business or want to have one to maximize freedom and fun. It’s our time! Right? How to make money blogging?

To make money blogging, there is an easy way and a hard way. First the Do-It-Yourself way: Set up your blog, hosting, add content regularly, drive traffic to your blog, put banners on it for affiliate commissions, set up a merchant account and promote it. You don’t want your blog to be like the tree in the middle of the forest – that falls down and nobody hears it.

If a Boomer like me can do this – so can you! See you on the beaches of the world… and the rivers and the mountains!

Debby McKinney, Strategist to Boomers with online business ( or want to have a business online) to maximize income and freedom. It’s out time right?

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