25 thoughts on “How To Install WordPress”

  • signiturelady

    mine isnt working!

  • Aidan Roberts

    champion andrew! i was particularly impressed with the calm manner in which
    you found install.php… I’d have cursed something chronic after the first
    couple of tries :)

  • David Coady

    I have done everything in the video and when you go back to local host I am
    getting an red alart saying about the password root with no password and i
    did what you did in the video

  • Arshina Singh

    still getting a 404 error. i tried a lot of times. what could be possibly

  • Jhona Veo

    Thanks for this tutorial Andrew.

  • Lucas Joahay

    thx. Work here.

  • gordana kopilovic

    Thank you very much.I am successfully installed wordpress.

  • sony salma

    You saved me today.Thanks a lot lot lot (zillion times). 

  • Hibou

    Thanks this helped.

  • ARBawlar

    Helped a lot. Thanks a lot. I subscribed!

  • David Sanderquist

    Thank you, this was very helpful.

  • Inhee LEE

    good to install Worpress using Wamp on Windows

  • coldrock11

    u typed the url wrong, lol

  • EpicWTFGaming

    Thank you mate! 

  • slylockdefox246

    Thanks Mate! great teacher

  • slylockdefox246

    I followed your steps identical and I have no problems – my wordpress is up
    an running 

  • MrSyabo

    Great guide! Very easy to follow. Keep up the good work :)

  • Elaine Williams

    Thanks! This video really helped me out. 

  • Sorin Traistaru

    Very useful tutorial. Thank you very much!

  • Tadzio5050

    This is one of the best instruction videos I have seen. I really, really
    like the fact that you should use what could go work as it is something
    lots of people face.

    Thank you so much for the effort and the easy to follow instructions.

    Oh, and the accent. Americans are suckers for the accent.

    Thanks again. 

  • parvinder singh

    you are awesome man… A single Hub for all the problems of wordpress…
    keep it up man.. thanx…

  • gartex76

    Really well done Andrew! Thank you! I just installed WP on my local machine
    by following your example. Thanks!!!

  • Valtec

    It wasn’t the database or resetting the services that caused the delay. You
    type the address wrong.. You put localhost/wp-adinin/rabbit/install.php..
    When it was meant to be rabbit/wp-admin/install.php.. Simple mistake..
    Helpful video.. Good job.. Thx

  • David Fourie

    Great tutorial, discovered your error at 15:00. rename wp-config and left
    out the “.php”