How To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords | One of the biggest sticking points for a lot of newbie affiliate marketings seems to be the whole ‘choosing a niche’ thing so I make this video to show you guys exactly how to find a niche that’s both extremely profitable but also easy to rank for in the search engines.

Coming up with niche ideas can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing but with these simple tips I’ll help you to get on the right track!

This video is part of a affiliate marketing newbie crash course that I put together which can be found here:

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  1. Just a heads up to people google AdWords doesn’t work even if you do get an
    account the tool is for paying for adds

  2. your info is great
    Ps I tried the smart drugs didn’t feel much concentration. Any tips , I
    didn’t take fish oil , is that important , thanks dude 

  3. On your master mentalism website, there is a video explaining the
    aspectscof menralusm by another guy whom I see is the expert on the
    subject. How did you get his video on your website? In my research, I was
    informed to seek out the experts on my niche to help with building my
    business. Thanks Jay, and also thankscfor allbyour time and help!

  4. Any other keyword SEO tool aside from Keyword Planner? Adwords is not free

  5. SEO is a good skill to learn for bonus traffic. Never make it your primary
    business because it isn’t very sustainable.

  6. You know what this guy said one thing that led me to believe hes not just
    another freaking shyster. At the end he said “keep your lips sealed”! That
    is what I want to hear. No one says that because they are just trying to
    sell people hype and ideas. They make their money selling hype not
    implementing any of it. People who make money wont tell anyone how to do it
    until they have drained out all of the profits from it. If I made a million
    dollars off something there is no way in hell I am going to tell anyone
    online how I did it. At least not until I make more telling them. 

  7. How do I get an AdWords acount without creating an ad campaign? It always
    wants me to create an ad without actually using or accesing the AdWords

  8. great video, just went to have a look at your mentalism site and google uk
    is telling me there’s malware on it, one of those red “don’t enter” pages

  9. that key word tool don’t work. When I type and when I
    log in then is all about propagate my website. Nothing about what he said. 

  10. use keyword planner, say “low competition” on like all the key words then
    i google it then their are about 111million pages…? 

  11. great video. can you touch on where the money actually comes from? do you
    make money directly selling the product from your website you created, or
    off of adds posted on your site, or from where? thanks,

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