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Learn how to create a press release format to kill the competition. The Press Release is the single best way to achieve large amounts of organic traffic quickly on the Internet especially when you have the right press release template.

Writing a good press release is a skill which comes from practice and time.When learning how to write a good press release it is best to have some guidance to create a proper press release format. I have created a simple step by step course and made it available for those who would like to become a professional at writing press releases.

One of the biggest hurdles to making a living online is just getting in position so that people will see your website.

Accomplishing this is a daunting task to most and requires a steep learning curve or very deep pockets unless you know some secrets.

Filling your website with content with the correct on page SEO
and developing the “authority” from Google and the other search engines needed in order to rank well can take many months if not years to develop. But there are shortcuts to instant traffic with writing press releases.

One of the best sources of instant traffic on the internet is taking just a little bit of time to write a newsworthy article and submitting it to the right press release site. The submission must be made on a site that has high authority in the eyes of the search engines and those sites have achieved that authority mainly because of high editorial standards.

Most of these authority press release sites are very expensive to submit to and may set you back a thousand dollars to be able to buy all of the options that are available for your submission that will optimize it for instant high traffic volumes.

These options are almost always sold separately as add on`s to the text. Like the ability to submit an image. Then on top of that a hyperlink to the destination of your choice on that image. Then also below that image a text hyperlink. So there are three add on charges right there. Then it is a big extra to have the option of a video on your press release. If you want both of those options of adding video and image in order to maximize the traffic potential you are then beginning to need some deep pockets indeed. Many times it is an extra just to add any link at all including one to you website! Then also it must be a bare link unless you want to pay extra for an anchor text link.

However I have found through my experience one site that will give you everything you need up front and at no additional costs. So I use them exclusively now.

First of all anyone who has anything they want to advertise online or even offline may benefit from a press release. Affiliate products,Websites, CPA offers, Offline businesses, anyone or anything! They are really easy to put together if you know the proper format and techniques.

I have put together a basic course of press release writing tips available here to show you how it is possible to produce instant traffic with the right press releases when done in the right way using a proper press release format when writing a press release.

For example here is a record of the traffic I received recently for the last press release I did.

56,000 views in just the last 30 days.
That`s almost 2 thousand views a day!

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The traffic that you may expect from your press releases may
vary quite a lot depending on a number of factors which are all
under your control and you may find in depth instruction about
the best press release format here…

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